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Meet Mihaela Plesa

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Mihaela Plesa’s time in office has been defined by her unwavering commitment to the people of Collin County, ensuring that our schools receive the funding they need and providing essential services to her constituents. Mihaela is deeply passionate about expanding women’s rights, reducing recapture payments by our public schools, and improving healthcare access. As your State Representative, Mihaela takes pride in being the first freshman member to pre-file a bill (HB 733), which focuses on health literacy within the state’s health plan.

In her first term, Mihaela leveraged her prior experience as a House staffer to become an effective lawmaker. Because of her legislative successes and diligent policy work, the Texas Legislative Study Group named Mihaela the Freshman of the Year

Mihaela authored 141 and co-authored 93 pieces of legislation90 bills she sponsored and 20 bills she wrote were signed into law, 79 resolutions were passed, and she secured a budget rider that increased Early Childhood Intervention funding by $6.2 million in the final budget. These bills have tackled pressing issues, including environmental regulation, public health, responsible gun control, reproductive health, community safety, and public education. 

Mihaela is a lifelong Texan, and she takes immense pride in serving the residents of Texas House District 70, which encompasses portions of Plano, Allen, Dallas, and Richardson in Collin County. Mihaela is wholeheartedly committed to our vibrant community.

Mihaela’s family history is one of resilience and determination. Mihaela is the daughter of first-generation Romanian immigrants who fled Soviet communism in pursuit of the American Dream. Their journey brought them to Texas, where they experienced the Texas Miracle, with its promise of freedom and opportunity.

Mihaela’s educational journey began in Plano ISD, a time when Texas fully funded our public schools. This provided Mihaela with a solid foundation and the opportunity to flourish under the care and guidance of exceptional public school teachers and staff. She received a world-class education in Texas schools, equipping her with the skills and knowledge to start her small business in fashion merchandising and design. Her business focus was on Texas-made products, and she also dedicated herself to helping other entrepreneurs start and grow their small businesses.

However, Mihaela’s passion for serving her community in a more profound way eventually led her to sell her successful business and embark on a legislative career. Before running for the Texas House, she served as a legislative director and successfully advocated for legislation that expanded the Texas Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Task Force, extended Medicaid to Brooke Army Medical Center (BAMC), and passed a constitutional amendment that provided property tax exemptions to Gold Star families (Prop. 8, 2021), ratified by the voters.

In 2022, Mihaela answered the call of her neighbors and community leaders to run for State Representative. Her determination was to bring Collin County fresh leadership and an independent voice in Austin, distinct from typical party-line voting. Despite facing a highly competitive Texas House election, she ultimately won the trust of the voters, who chose her to be their voice in the Texas House. This journey has been both challenging and rewarding, and she remains committed to serving you and making a meaningful difference for all our neighbors.

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