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Mihaela’s Policy Priorities

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Over the past year, Mihaela fought to not just break barriers, but also to build bridges, by authoring, co-authoring, and sponsoring over 90 bills that were signed into law and being named the Freshman Legislator of the Year by the non-partisan Texas House Legislative Study Group. Those bills tackled pressing issues, including environmental regulation, public health, responsible gun control, reproductive health, community safety, and public education. Mihaela serves on the International Relations & Economic Development; Pensions, Investments & Financial Services; and the Resolutions Calendars committees and has been named to the House Democratic Caucus’ Special Committee on Education.

In this 88th legislative session, Mihaela added $6.2 million to Texas’ Early Childhood Intervention funds, passed a law to stop dangerous street racing, and helped stopped the destruction of our public schools in a bipartisan effort to kill the west Texas billionaire-backed voucher scam.

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