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Protecting Our Democracy

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After the 2020 election MAGA Republicans made the false claim in state after state that the election had been stolen because Donald Trump had lost the election. The problem was that whenever audits were done Joe Biden ended up with more votes and when an arrest was made for election fraud it was always a Republican who was arrested. Here in Texas, the Texas Secretary of State ordered a full forensic audit of the 2020 General Election in Collin, Dallas, Harris, and Tarrant counties. While minor discrepancies were found, nothing was discovered that would change the outcome in any race, and our own “Collin County proved to be the model of how to run elections in Texas.”

Voting Rights 

Voting is a fundamental right and where all our other rights stem from. Voting gives us the power to defend our freedoms and have a voice in government. When more people participate in elections, our government better reflects the people who make up our beautiful and resilient state. When more people vote, we elect leaders who truly represent the people and will vote their conscience without fearing a scorecard or the influence of big money special interests. Mihaela believes that elections should be fair, free, secure, and accessible. That means every eligible citizen should be able to easily cast their vote for the candidate of their choice without having to navigate bureaucratic red tape or burdensome voter suppression policies. Mihaela has proudly defended voting rights and firmly opposed voter suppression tactics in Austin.

Election Integrity

Republicans are hard at work trying to rig elections in favor of right-wing extremists and against the will of the people. Including bills that enabled a state takeover of elections in Harris County and another that removed Texas from the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC), the system that improves the accuracy of our state’s voter rolls and prevents people from casting ballots in multiple states. Twice I raised points of order to prevent SB 1070, the bill that would take Texas out of ERIC, from moving forward, but unfortunately, like a zombie, this bad bill that would enable voter fraud in our state kept returning.

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