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Senior Citizens

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House District 70 has an aging population, and our elderly person has the right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Personal Identification Cards for Senior Citizens

Many senior citizens find themselves no longer able to drive and voluntarily surrender their driver’s license. We know that life still goes on even after you’ve left the driver’s seat. Senior citizens still need personal identification cards to pick up prescriptions, go to the doctor, enroll in benefits, pay their bills, and more! Many senior citizens, and their children or caretakers, found themselves having to navigate technologically outdated and burdensome in-person requirements to convert a driver’s license into a personal ID card. Now, thanks to our efforts, senior citizens will be able to conveniently convert their driver’s licenses into personal IDs over the phone and online!


One of our own HD 70 constituents brought this issue to our attention and Mihaela immediately filed HB 1275 to resolve this problem. Our efforts prevailed and HB 1275 has been signed into law and is effective on September 1st, 2023. Mihaela also co-sponsored SB 975 to ensure senior citizens who convert their driver’s license into a personal ID can also renew their voter registration at the same time. SB 975 has also been signed into law.

Retiring With Dignity & Secure Retirement Investments 

As a member of the Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services (PIFS) Committee, Mihaela had the opportunity to advocate for our retirees, fight to increase their pensions, and safeguard their retirement investments. Mihaela proudly supported a long overdue cost-of-living adjustment for our retired teachers and fought to increase pensions for our local police and firefighters. Our retirees have served decades in their roles and deserve to retire with dignity and security. Mihaela fought against right-wing attacks on our retirees’ pension investments and made sure that trusted financial advisors will continue investing our retirement savings with unwavering fiduciary responsibility following market patterns and financial factors. 

Elder Abuse & Fraud 

Many senior citizens find themselves susceptible to elder abuse and elder fraud. Mihaela is committed to protecting senior citizens from financial crimes and scams, and from physical, psychological, and mental abuse and neglect. Mihaela is proud to advocate for pro-senior housing policies, tough penalties for elder fraud, and crack down on misleading advertising and deceptive trade practices that target senior citizens. 

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