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Energy & Our Environment

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Collin County has an “F” rating with the American Lung Association. Mihaela supports clean air, emission reduction, and air quailing monitoring and improvement policies. Along with clean air, clean water is equally vital. Mihaela is proud to have passed historic investments for water conservation, desalination, importation, and infrastructure that will last for generations. Amidst historic droughts and rising temperatures, it was imperative the legislature act on water policy and Mihaela is proud to have been a part of these efforts.

Energy Independence

Texas is the number one producer of wind energy, oil, natural gas, hydropower, and renewable energy in the nation. Texas is also the second largest producer of solar power in our country. In a state that is blessed with so many natural resources and so energy rich, there is no justification for our failing grid. We must secure our grid through diversifying our energy sources, investing in sustainable renewable energy, and strengthening reliability and consumer protections for electricity customers. We must follow the science and the free market to see that renewable energy is the future and aligned with the strength of our state’s rich energy resources. As a mass producer of energy, we must be conscious of our pollution and the impact that has on our health. 


Preserving Natural Resources

We all have a right to enjoy the beauty of our state’s vibrant nature and wildlife. Mihaela loves and support our state parks, lakes, fishing, and wildlife. Mihaela proudly voted for the creation of the Texas Centennial Parks Fund. This fund will use this investment to acquire lands for the creation and enhancements of more state parks for all of us to enjoy for generations to come. 

During the 88th Legislative Session, Mihaela was proud to joint-author, co-author, sponsor, or co-sponsor the following bills to combat climate change, and preserve our natural resources, that have been signed into law:

  • HB 4932: Requiring the state to implement a plan to address foreign emissions of air contaminants. 

  • SB 28: A historic billion-dollar investments for water preservation infrastructure through the creation of three funds administered through the Texas Water Development Board.

  • SB 1397: Continuing funding and operations of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) including ramping up public access to information and an additional $3.5 million for air quality initiatives.

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